Chinese Drywall

Safe to stay 10 feet away from Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall is Scary Stuff

Mixing drywall with water will not give you great results. While putting a little amount of water can be acceptable, certain factors such as humidity can bring serious problems. The case of Chinese drywall, for instance, can be a perfect eye opener. Many home builders use domestic drywall in building homes. Several years ago, however, there were cases of supply shortage of home building materials. This has prompted a significant number of suppliers to turn into Chinese drywall instead of high quality ones.

There have been major complaints against the makers of Chinese drywall. The most serious complaints gathered against the said product came from those areas with high humidity. This is understandable since humidity can open up the drywall; thus, trapped grasses were let out. When these gasses escape from Chinese drywall, there might be dangerous effects. The said effects are not just harmful to the structure, but to human health as well.

It can be recalled that the incident happened on a large scale affecting many home builders and home owners. Most of them have invested so much on this China-manufactured drywall. The saddest part about this Chinese drywall dilemma is that insurance claims were denied. Thus, aside from being a toxic problem, it became a money issue for many home builders. Of course, homeowners suffered the burden as many were forced to leave their homes.

Many homeowners complained about the health problems they have encountered after using Chinese drywall. Some of the major and most common signs reported include bloody noses, respiratory and allergy symptoms. Some of them even smelled rotten eggs while inside their homes. Some had problems with their appliances that can be regarded as another effect of the Chinese drywall. Even an expert lather would not know how to deal with it the right way.

Many legal experts have tried to work on the litigation of the problem. The drywall is said to contain gypsum produced out of harmful methods. Many have sent disappointment over the quality of this drywall. Aside from working with a professional lather, it is best to choose the right drywall as well.