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Waterproof Drywall

What is Waterproof Drywall?

For humid locations or parts of the house, it is recommended to try installing waterproof drywall instead of the ordinary ones you can find in hardware stores.

Waterproof drywall, sometimes referred to as the water resistant drywall, may also be named as blueboard or greenboard because of its color and makes it stand out from Chinese drywall. This waterproof drywall is now available in many home improvement stores just in case you need to protect your existing drywall. If you are planning to hire a professional lather, you can ask about his recommendations on the best brand to use.

These days, there are many paint manufacturers that offer latex- and oil-based paints and primers that you can use to protect your drywall helping you to get a waterproof drywall. The said materials can also complement your drywall projects in bathrooms, basements and other humid parts of the house. Waterproof drywall is best for the said parts of the house.

You have the option to hire a professional lather or do things on your own. In case you already have an existing drywall, and you wish to make it a waterproof one, you can try the following steps to achieve the results you want:

1. Clean the drywall using a microfiber cloth to get rid of excess dust that might interfere with the adhesion of pain. You do not have to use water or detergents to clean the surface.

2. Let the drywall to try for some minutes. Before applying the paint, check first it will work for wet or dry surfaces.

3. Pour the latex- or oil-based waterproofing paint into the paint tray. Roll the primer onto the drywall to achieve an even, thin coat. This is a great alternative to spending on a waterproof drywall just in case you have installed a traditional drywall long before. Let the primer to completely dry.

4. Put the waterproofing paint to a paint tray. Roll the paint to the drywall. Use a brush for hard-to-reach areas. Let the paint dry before seeing the results of a waterproof drywall.

This is just an alternative in case you are not willing to spend again on waterproof drywall.

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